May we never forget the ability to see the beauty in the rubble

When the world started changing, or better…, when the world stopped, because of a pandemic, many around the world experienced something they have never experienced in their lifetimes. They had to stay inside. Lock Down’s were put in places all over the world to help stop the spread of the virus. Well, we are nearing the end of 2020 and things have changed a little bit in parts of the world and in others not so much. 

When it all started, my friend and amazing photographer Nadia Meli had the brilliant idea to show the people in their homes, behind their windows and walls to bring to light their wishes, fears and anticipations of this season 2020. Through technology and all the different video call services, she was able to pull this off. It made us all feel more connected.

I had the amazing opportunity to be part of this project she called “CONNECTED” : 


With Love, Vik