I am sitting on a plane, for the first time, and I am flying (by myself) to a place I’ve never been before, a place I’ve never seen before. I am heading to America; to spend one year abroad. A land so far away to me, back in September, 2008… little did I know my life would change forever.

I was born in Russia (it was still the Soviet Union back then) in a little town in Siberia and never thought my life would take me places the way it did, especially in the last decade. When I was three years old we moved to Germany, which I call home and many months and years later I am calling many more places in this world “My Home away from Home”.

I started playing piano when I was 8 years old, after my parents, my piano teachers (my aunt and uncle), asked me, if I wanted to start taking lessons. My aunt was a piano teacher and my uncle made sure I stuck it out. I was practically not allowed to quit and I am forever grateful for their determination.

Growing up in church I started singing in the kids choir and later moved on for playing in weddings, singing at conferences in Germany. I was very involved in all things church music. Along the way, I had the amazing blessing of being part of a few bands touring the country in Germany, singing and playing in town halls, churches, conferences. I loved all of it. Looking back, all these different bands, vocal groups, and different musical expressions I was a part of kept reigniting the fire for a dream, I am still dreaming…

The summer of 2008 – 2009, when I took (for me) the crazy step of spending a year in America to learn English, and serve with Youth For Christ International in Columbus, NE, out of all places, I pretty much started another big chapter in my life. That year was a dream come true. I lived with a host family, was a missionary, learned a whole new language (one day I’ll finish my book about the last decade :-)) and continued my journey with music as part of a worship team. We toured in the neighboring cities and I started writing my own songs in a brand-new language. This was the beginning of a lot of healing and resurrection of some dreams.

Long story short, I moved some more, and some more, feeling God leading me and telling me who I was along the way. I lived in Nashville, TN and spent a year in Brighton, England in the UK. After having a clear answer to some wrestling questions regarding music, to my big surprise, I became somewhat of a viral hit in Brighton and thanks to the Internet, all over the “the world”. This journey continues and this website is part of it.

I am a musician first, and love other creative outlets to express myself. Having traveled the world, playing my own music as an artist and a musician for artists from Germany and America, I love the gift of music to spread all over the place and speak to people. It’s a universal language shared all over the globe. I believe it hits our souls in a way nothing can. It unites people of all walks of life and changes hearts for the better!

I have a day job to pay the bills, and I am excited for 2020 to bring more changes (Hello Covid!) and hope you can come along as I share my music, pictures, words, thoughts. As the journey continues, my hope and prayer is, that this place here will be a source of new music, tour dates and so much more.

Adding yet another home to my list….my….“Online-Home”.

I am always excited to hear from you and would love to connect with you on all socials.




Ps: I love this quote: ” Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” (by Cesar A Cruz)